Erec Smith

Erec Smith

Erec Smith is an Associate Professor of Rhetoric at York College of Pennsylvania. Although he has eclectic scholarly interests, Smith’s primary work focuses on the rhetorics of anti-racist activism, theory, and pedagogy. He is the president of the Foundation for Free Black Thought. Smith’s recent books include A Critique of Anti-Racism in Rhetoric and Composition: The Semblance of Empowerment (2020) and The Lure of Disempowerment: Reclaiming Agency in the Age of CRT (2022)He tweets here.


Who are you?
I am an educator, a writer, an activist in the strict sense of the word, and a firm believer in the importance of communication. 

What do you do? 
I am an Associate Professor of Rhetoric at York College of Pennsylvania, Director of the Mutual Persuasion Project, and President of the Free Black Thought. In 2023, I am serving as a visiting scholar at the Cato Institute. 

What do you believe?
I believe that the study of classical liberalism and the importance of communication therein is necessary to maintain a healthy free and civil society. I believe individualism, properly understood, is an underrated concept in contemporary society, even American society.